Every project has an objective to fulfill – Each phase of a project has its own technical requirements and PMC is there for you “FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION”

Our integrated approach delivers business improvements and efficiencies that maximise value and help to transform our Client’s vision into reality. PMC provides timely and concise reporting, from evaluating the performance of the Designer, Contractor, monitoring schedule and tracking the costs.

Project Management

PMC offers through its team of project management professionals an absolute solution in delivering project on-time and within the budget, using definite methods, skills, knowledge, and experience analysing and mitigating risks to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.

Construction Management

Our professional construction managers have the experience, skills, and technical support that each project demands from its beginning to its end with hands-on knowledge in the industry using specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, on-site operations, such as personnel, materials, that control a project’s time, delivery, cost, quality design, and construction of a project, the team is equipped with the practical knowledge can effectively manage any type of project.

Programme Management

PMC’s program managers focusing on strategy and implementation, articulating the goals and objectives of the program and how it will impact the business. We guide the Clients, Financiers, and others to reduce the uncertainty/risk in their investment. PMC reviews every detail of the project, set-up objectives, plans and priorities, manage and control the process and identify and resolve problems. We are involved from ‘doings things right’ in Project management to ‘doing the right things’ in Program management.

Expert Witness & Arbitration

We provide expert witness services to courts and individual clients in the field of Construction Management, Civil & architectural Engineering. As a certified Arbitrator in all courts in Oman, Dr Rashid Al Balushi leads all arbitration cases. We assure you of a professional & personal service with dedicated point of contact to guide you throughout the entire process.

Estimating & Cost Management

At PMC, we believe that cost estimation is essential in the process of completing any project within scope and according to its timeline. We are expert in offering a thorough cost estimation that includes both the direct and indirect costs associated with bringing a project through to completion. We collect vendor quotes, material costs, monitor and report the financial status and labor productivity details using in-house data records.

Cost consultation Services

We also provide cost consultation services to our Clients for the Pre-contract and Post-contract tendering process that includes:

For Pre-contract stage

  • Finalizing project goal and timeline
  • Preliminary budget estimation
  • Co-ordination with design teams
  • Proposal processing
  • Award negotiations
  • Tender proposal report & awarding
  • Value Engineering proposals & review

For Post-Contract stage

  • Cost & Time Control
  • Preparation of interim valuation certificates
  • Pricing of variations
  • Nominate Sub-contractors
  • Provide cost reports
  • Contract correspondence
  • Preparation of final accounts

Troubled Project Back-On-Track

PMC also offers its Client the solutions and expertise to put the project back on track if we are to be involved at a later stage or in case of a failure in project delivery. A detailed analysis on the issues and recommendations would be put forward for implementation. Specialised team will monitor and report the progress and improvements that are required for smooth recovery.

Fit-out Management

PMC also manages on boarding process of shops and restaurants, for developers, within the required time-frame and with all necessary pre-requisites in place.